Was It Worth The Price?


William Hernandez


Are large sporting events such as the Olympics or the World Cup worth the price? The budget for the Brazil Summer Olympics 2016 was 4.6 Billion. Unfortunately ever since the 1968 Olympics, not a single one has stayed in budget. That’s almost half a century that the Olympic budget has been overrun.

In Brazil there is about 16.2 million people living below the poverty line. Rio also having among the highest crime rate in the world. However there was a way to pay close to 1 trillion dollars to build stadiums, new roads, improving the transportation lines, building new ports, expanding airports, and constructing hydroelectric plants to power it all.

Money wasn’t the only way that Brazil paid for the Olympics. At least 4,120 families were removed from Rio de Janeiro because they were in the way of the Olympics and the World Cup. 11 construction workers died trying to make the 2014 Olympics happen. Are families and lives really worth holding the Olympics and the World Cup?

What happens to the stadiums and the facilities that were used for the Olympics/World Cup? The stadium and facilities used for the Olympics/World Cup throughout history seem to be abandoned. Now we have billion dollar facilities in countries that can’t afford to help real issues such as poverty and better education.