The Ring

Lesley Delgado

Rings is a 2017 American Horror, it is the third film in The Ring Series and takes place thirteen years after the The Ring 2002.

The Ring is all about two airplane passengers Carter and Kelly who discover that they both watched Samara Morgan’s cursed videotape and realized that their last 7 days are coming to an end. Samara’s curse  made the plane crash causing everyone to die.  Two years later of the plane crash, college professor Gabriel buys an old VCR that was owned by one of the passengers discovering the videotape inside. While that is happening Julia sees her boyfriend Holt go off to college where professor Gabriel teaches at. A couple of  weeks later, Julia becomes concerned when she falls out of contact with her boyfriend. She decides to go visit him at his school, once she arrives, she realized that her boyfriend is in serious trouble relating to the cursed video. She later on decides to watch the video to help save Holt from dying, however, her tape was longer than usual. She watches it, discovering new footage hinting at the fate of Samara’s body. Julia and Holt decide to go to Samara’s town where she meet Burke who use to be the priest when Samara was alive. Julia had a visions of Samara’s mother Evelyn, who was discovered that Evelyn was imprisoned while being pregnant, held in captivity by the priest after being raped before she escaped at eight and a half months into the pregnancy. Julia visits Burke and explains her visions. He suddenly attacks her, revealing he was not only the priest but Samara’s biological father, blinding himself to escape the reach of his daughter’s powers. Julia pushes him discovering Samara’s skeleton hidden behind a wall. Burke tries to choke her to death,but Samara comes through then removes Burke’s blindness so she can kill him. When Julia and Holt return home, Julia went into the showers and coughs up a string of hair. She gazes into the mirror and see Samara as her reflection.

I enjoy the the movie Rings because it was not a big horror movie but it was intense especially when Burke was trying to kill Julia. Anyone is allowed to watch the movie so families can go and enjoy the movies. I like how the plot was unexpected because I thought that Julia would allow Samara be at peace, but instead Samara takes advantage of her and uses her body to continue her cursed. Overall I give this movies a 4/5 stars.