The Boy

Wendy Nunez

The Boy is an American-Chinese psychological horror movie that came out in 2016. It was directed by William Brent Bell and it was written by Stacey Menear. Actors Lauren Cohan and Rupert Evans are the film stars.

The story takes place in the United Kingdom. A young woman named Greta from Montana escapes from an abusive relationship by getting a job as a nanny for the Heelshire Family. Once Greta arrives, she is introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire who later on introduced her to their young son, Brahms. However, to Gretas surprise their son is actually a porcelain doll who is treated like a living child by his parents. Their real son Brahms had died in a fire accident back in 1991, at the age of eight.

The old couple leave for the holiday, while giving Greta some rules to follow and warning her that Brahms is not a normal child. When Greta does not follow the rules strange things start to happen around the house a child’s sob is heard, phone calls are cut off, and Brahm seems to move on his own. Once Greta sees that Brahms’s spirit lives on the doll she starts to follow every rule on the list  and attends to Brahms every need. Later on in the movie her ex-boyfriend appears and once he sees the doll he asks Greta to see the real boy. Greta keeps repeating that the doll is the one she is taking care of and there is not actual boy. Her ex-boyfriend breaks the doll resulting in the house to shake when suddenly a mirror smashed open and the real adult and alive Brahms comes out the mirror, and it is revealed that Brahms had been living inside the walls this whole time.

I really liked the movie because I personally enjoy horror movies and the plot twist was totally unexpected. It made people jump out of their seats and ask questions about how everything came to be. I give this movie a 5/5 stars.