Is Racism Ever A Joke?


Joshlynn Murphy


Racism is based off prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Basically, one race making fun of another race by stating awful things to make that race upset. Thinking as if they race is better than others.

Is racism ever a joke? In my opinion, I don’t think its a joke, but people do joke around with racist sayings. I think that if an individual was to tell a racist joke, it has to be at a certain extent and also depends on that person who they are telling the joke to. Everyone is not the same. Everybody doesn’t understand your thinking. So most of the time, the person who is telling the joke has to know when to say it and how to say it.

Recently, there was a decision in a certain class as to where people felt as if racism shouldn’t be played with, to a extent though. Some people tends to go overboard or get carried away with jokes. Jokes are normally being said to someone that you have a good bond with and that you know you’re able to joke around with them. Others think otherwise. They feel as if it should n0ot be brought up at all. It brings back memories of what that race went through and it’ll make that person feel down.

If you think about it, jokes have been brought all around the world by, not only different races, but by a person’s own race. For example, some comedies tend to joke around with different races and problems that they go through, but the audience laugh because it’s something that is true or they have actually experienced it. The audience doesn’t always be one race. Its multi-raced. Some people are sensitive, but others just know when to have fun.

There has been an incident where some people races can go a little far with other race’s history and etc. This is how I know when an individual is serious. Sending threats to another race. For example, if any other race besides African Americans, say anything about African Americans history such as slavery, lynching and etc, that’s something that doesn’t need to be played about.

Moral of the story, it all depends on the person you hang with and who has that connection with you. If they understand you, and you understand them then it shouldn’t be a problem. If an individual talks about your race in a negative way, then it becomes racist. At some point, a lot of people just keep their thoughts to themselves. If it’s positive or negative.