Emerald City

Lisset Lott

The show opens up with Dorothy Gale (20 years old) who is visiting her adoptive parent home when a storm comes. Dorothy goes to check it her birth mother is okay and that’s when she get taken into the eye of a tornado to Emerald city.

When Dorothy arrives in Emerald City she hit mistress of the east.When she starts walking she runs into a group of people from the Munja’kin tribe. They interrogate Dorothy to find out if she is the beast that comes to kill them. When they find out that she is no harm the tribe leaders takes her to the yellow brick road where she suppose to follow to see the wizard. On this path she runs into a man strung up on the cross he also has no memory of who he is.

When Dorothy brings the man down and aids to his injuries he ask for a name to feel more human she names him lucas. This is when the mistress of the east reappears and asks Dorothy what type of witch she is and when dorothy replies she is not one. The mistress causes more pain to Dorothy and Lucas. This is when the Mistress ask about the gun and how it used dorothy convinces the Mistress of the east to turn the gun because she is holding it wrong and to squeeze the trigger the final killing the Mistress of the east.

When Dorothy moves to a house on the yellow brick roads she sees jack trying to break out tip from this house. Tips mother returns and help dorothy aid to lucas .When dorothy asks about Tip the lady said she protecting her child.When the lady poison lucas dorothy grows in rage and let tip go and tries to escape causing lucas to have to kill the lady who a witch to get them free.

I give the show a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a twist to the original movie we use to watch as a kid.It also has action and leaves you in suspense the entire episode.The show is also loaded with lots of action and there multiple characters that you can relate to.The show also connect all the characters in away to build on the story.