The Shallows Movie

Citlali Flores

Image result for shallows movieThe movie The Shallows starred a well known actress Blake Lively and was released on June 21st, 2016. The movie was based on a story of a woman who sets out on an adventure on an island in Mexico, where her mother frequently visited while she was pregnant with the main character before she passed away. While on this vacation, she sets out into the water where she meets this dangerous killer shark who attempts  to eat and kill her. She was  to be too far from the shore and ends up having to stay on a rock island in the middle of the water to avoid being killed.

She becomes dehydrated and his hurt by an injury caused by the shark in his first attempt to kill her. As she tries her hardest from the rock island to find help, every person who tries to save her is killed by this shark. One of these men who were killed, luckily had a waterproof camcorder attached to his surfing helmet which allows her to record her whole experience. She  sets it out to sea hoping it will reach the shore for someone to find it and help her.

This movie was good because it had a lot of suspense and the story kept me, and I’m sure others, very interested into what was going on. I would watch the movie again if I had the opportunity. I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. I would recommend it for those who enjoy thrillers and suspense movies.