The Fall of Marvel Comics


Ivan Ramos

The Fall of Marvel Comics

By: Ivan Ramos

It is undisputed that Marvel has had a boost in popularity, mostly due to the blockbusters it releases almost every year. However, many people fail to realize that while the movies are successful the comics are falling short.

Marvel comics have had a long line of comics titles, some even running for as long as 40 years, but the quality of the comics has been falling since the second secret war event, that happened recently. This is most likely due to event fatigue and the introduction of more diverse characters, that are even replacing older characters.

While many may see these as reasons Marvel is growing and will most likely improve the quality, I believe it is not that simple.

Event fatigue is categorized as when there are too many big events, that impact the whole universe, and little time in between them. This lowers the quality greatly since it makes things feel less impactful and even less serious. Too many events can make people turn away from comics since it shows that they prefer sales over quality.

While I don’t necessarily think character diversity is a bad thing it can turn away readers. In Marvel’s rush to embrace the changes of society it is leaving behind their older dedicated readers who have grown with the characters that Marvel so happily replaced. Not only is nostalgia a reason of lower quality but adding too many at once will make it seem like they are doing it, again, for profit.

The combination of these two things can lead to not only lower, more rushed, quality but to also loss of profits. This occurs because people won’t accept rushed change and they are not willing to buy many comics about one event in order to know why something happened in their favorite comic line.

Marvel still has the chance to bring their quality back by slowing down events and not replacing all of their characters. These factors are harming this great company but there is still time to prevent DC from winning the comic rivalry.