PMA Raiders Get Ready For Competition


Azahre Johnson

Raiders at Phoenix Military Academy is an elite group of individuals who participate in sporting events such as the Cadet Challenge and the high school Raider competition; they train very hard in physical activities, rope tying, and first aid in order to excel in competitions.

Raiders had always won first place in events. However, ever since 2012, they have not won the trophy for first place. This year their Raider Coach, SFC. Walker, has been making them train really hard and making the small gym in Phoenix available to them.

“I feel it this year.  I really like this training we got going on now, and I want to win first place. I don’t think any school has training like we do. We just need to work on the first aid and ropes,” said Senior Bryan Sanchez

Sanchez and other students have been training with Raiders and going to the gym whenever possible. This will increase their chances of scoring well. However, the scoring for the Raider Competition is not based off of individuals, but it is based on the whole team.

The Raiders Competition consist of scores based off of Physical training, first aid, math, rope tying, and current events. The Raiders will be complete a two-mile run, a life saving stimulation in a pool, do push-ups and sit-ups in two minutes, a one minute pull-up hold, and obstacle courses.