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Krispy Kreme Comeback

Krispy Kreme Comeback

Since the recent reopening of Krispy Kreme’s they have made an astonishing comeback with sales. The Krispy Kreme in Homewood has had a lot of customers recently. The drive thrus have been packed and also at the front area where people order donuts. My opinion on Krispy Kreme’s returning is that this is awesome because now I can get Krispy Kreme Donuts fresh and be able to enjoy them like how i used to. Although a store by my house sells Krispy Kreme Donuts in a  box,they are not freshly made.

The only difference with the Krispy Kreme in Homewood is that the look of the place has changed. It looks like this because they want people to relax and be comfortable while eating some of their most famous glazed donuts.

People prefer Krispy Kreme because they are made fresh directly at the place and they have different  flavors and varieties. People  can now enjoy their past with a single bite of a donut from Krispy Kreme. If you go to any donut store you might find some glazed donuts, but the donuts you find are not as good as the glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme. This classic donut is made fresh at every store and coated with the most amazing sweet glaze.

Do you know any other store that makes fresh donuts right in front of you? This is why Krispy Kreme is the best donut store and the reason why it is going to comeback and be the number one donut store.