Removing Restrictions For Fundraisers

Joselyn Valerio

Many schools have fun fundraisers where profit is made due to the involvement. However, in many CPS schools , such as Phoenix Military Academy, the fundraisers that are executed are unsuccessful because lack of interest. CPS has released restrictions that make the execution of fundraisers impossible. Moreover, PMA adds on more complications to the fundraisers that can or cannot be done.

Restrictions that will prevent successful fundraisers should be removed because it prevents school clubs from receiving necessary funding. This not only affects PMA, but also the other schools that are facing similar consequences.

Even though authorities may argue that these restrictions are established for safety, majority of the restrictions can prevent harm from reaching out to the students. An example is the selling of food. Authorities may say that the selling of food can be harmful because it may be poised.

However, instead of restricting students to sell food at school, authorities should allow students to sell food at school with the condition that the food is from a vendor such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and Food 4 Less. Given this, the school will not have to worry about students adding “an extra ingredient to the food”. The selling of food in an excellent fundraiser since many students do not like the food from the cafeteria. At Phoenix Military Academy, students can not sell food during school hours. This regulation should be changed because after-school no one wants to stay to buy food; however, during lunch hours it would be the perfect time to sale food.

Phoenix Military Academy is making it difficult to have an event that students love going to: dances. Currently, it is difficult to set up a Valentine’s Dance during school because it is not appropriate to make students pay to attend class. This fundraiser is one of the fundraisers that makes a huge profit. However, it can not be executed unless it is done after-school or during the weekend.This dance could make about a thousand dollars that could be put towards seniors activities and prom.

How does the restriction of jeans sound, even during an out of uniform fundraiser? Major Stampley made it clear that we are not authorized to wear jeans because it has been part of the rules. Out of uniform fundraisers is probably the most successful fundraiser at PMA. It can raise about $1000 in a day. But now that there is a no denim policy, it is impossible to get students to participate in these fundraisers since jeans are what everyone wears nowadays. This is because some students may not wear their jeans appropriately or might show some curves. What Stampley can do instead of restricting jeans is to keep giving detentions to those who violate her regulations or to not let them participate in them any more rather than restricting it for everyone.

Restrictions should not make it impossible for student committees to fundraise for the school. Restrictions that prevent successful fundraisers from happening should be either removed or adjusted so that the student committees are able to perform those fundraisers and get every student to participate as much as possible.

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