My Boy Rob

Alejandro Flores

How do you entertain yourself? Do you write music? Recite poems? Or watch videos on YouTube? Can you imagine a world without Youtube? This app allows you to watch videos about almost anything you want. This includes video games, music, pranks, etc. The site runs because of the videos are uploaded by many people around the world. Senior Roberto Ocampo is very passionate for video games and has been constantly told that they will take him anywhere he wants.

Ocampo should continue doing what he loves after high school. This could be the most important decision of his life and he should follow  what he really enjoys doing. This means that he will continue uploading videos of him playing videogames on YouTube. Having played with him, he is an exceptional gamer, and that will take him very far.

On the other hand, there are some who tell him that his idea of becoming a YouTuber is absurd and he should do something that is meaningful. However, they have not taken into consideration that he should do what he loves.

They might say that he won’t be able to become a professional gamer because he will need a way to obtain an annual income, but, they tell him that he should  find a career in something that he loves. What if he already found it? Instead of telling him to find something that he loves, they should support his dreams and help him become successful.

A career in YouTube is not something for everyone. This requires a lot of time and dedication. After a certain amount of subscribers and viewers, Ocampo will be able to start making money. So, if he continues with this, he will, eventually, be obtaining a lot of money.

Ocampo started uploading videos on YouTube during the summer of 2016. Since then, he has gained about 100 subscribers. But, you must keep in mind that this takes a lot of work. The start is always rough, there are only a few that actually gain e success at a fast pace. As you can see, he wasn’t very lucky, but he still hasn’t given up.

Overall, Ocampo has found something that he enjoys doing, which is entertaining people while gaming. He has not  given up after seven months. So what will make him give up now? The amount of subscribers that he has will increase after some more time. This happens because as more people watch his videos, the more publicity he will  get.

Ocampo should continue doing this because he enjoys it and I am sure that it will be hard to find something else. Also, this is something that he should and has decided on his own.

My boy Rob is an exceptional gamer and you could review his work at “RobGaming3” on Youtube You should subscribe to him to help make his dream come true.