Make Up Attendance

Gisel Saucedo

Contracts, students fees, college applications, and now attendance! Senior year can be stressful for some cadets.  During the last two weeks of first semester for Phoenix Military Academy, senior instructor Sgt. Walker and Mrs. Tobias told the seniors they must make up the days they missed, so they printed out attendance sheets to make the days the cadets missed. Each cadet was given a sheet for them to fill out.

The problem in this situation is that some seniors can not make up their attendance. The instructors expect them to make up their attendance since freshmen year! That is why the attendance make up is a bad idea. Some seniors missed too many days, totaling over 200 plus hours. It is basically impossible for them to stay after school and make up those hours because of jobs and other school activities.

It is true that the seniors signed a contract stating that in order to graduate or participate in any senior activities, seniors needed to have a 95% attendance per semester. Along with a high attendance, the seniors can not have any F’s, and no suspensions.

Although it is true the seniors had to sign a contract, it was mandatory.  It is not fair that the seniors had to sign the contract in order to graduate.

In order to make up time, seniors have to stay after school or come early in the mornings mostly every day in order to complete their hours. Now the senior instructors are persuading seniors to make up missed time, but they actually set the seniors up for failure since they made extreme requirements at the end of their high school career.

The school should have told the students since freshman year they had to make up the days they had missed school so they will not be overwhelmed at the end.