iPhone 7 overrated

Azahre Johnson

The iPhone 7 has been out for five months and, most apple product users give a lot of praise about the best camera, features, and its  ability to reach higher non add-on storage.

The iPhone 7 in reality is nothing but a more expensive version of the iPhone 6 with a better camera, speaker, storage, and no headphone jack.

However, The iPhone 7  has its differences and its perks such as new and improved updated emojis, free text message games that is already downloaded, and new anti theft mode.

The average cost of an iPhone 7 is about $700 plus things you may want and need like Bluetooth headphones, a phone case, music, ringtones, and a few other things.

The biggest problem with iPhone 7  is the cost of data usage. In order to maintain an iPhone 7 you will need to have an unlimited data plan with your phone company or stay in a wifi covered area for most of your day.  However, the iPhone 7 is programmed to disconnect from the WiFi if it is not strong enough.

For Example, the iPhone 7 is known to have the best camera of any smartphone. However, it’s just pure hype.  If you take a picture, the quality is amazing for sure, but there are some small flaws. For example the camera is always in live mode so it makes some photos blurry if you don’t hold your phone still after you take pictures

The iPhone 7 is not bad at all, but it sure does have a lot of hype. But most of the hype can be true but Before buying it you should ask yourself what’s the better option? Do I have money to buy the extra add-ons?  Am I Prepared to deal with some minor problems?