Love Yourself

Elizabeth Sotelo

“It’s body appreciation week!” Love yourself.

As I’m scrolling through my newsfeed I always see girls posting pictures with just underwear and a bra on. Their caption always says, “I appreciate and love my body, and I don’t care what anyone says.”

You see the comments and notice people saying, “YOU GO GIRL” or “BODY GOALS” and then there are guys saying, “you’re perfect.” I don’t believe that posting pictures like this is actually you appreciating your body.

People might say they post pictures like that because they appreciate their body and don’t care what people say or think about them. Although if that were the case,  they would not post pictures basically asking for someone else’s opinion.

Confidence comes from yourself. It means that you don’t care about anyone but you. Posting pictures like that show you are curious and concerned about other’s opinions. Some of the comments will be positive, but the others might be negative. If you want to keep feeling good about your body, posting pictures will only make you feel bad because of those negative comments.

What is it about girls thinking it is okay to post pictures exposing themselves to the public?

Body appreciation is all about yourself, you say in your captions you don’t care what people “think” but posting the picture shows you care. Appreciate your body, but don’t expose the goods.