Trump 2017


Jose Zavala

So far, Trump has done four major things. He has signed off on the building of a wall that borders Mexico and the U.S, the building of a pipeline, the tightening of immigration laws, and defunding Planned Parenthood. President Trump, in his first week, has been bashed for his actions and many protests have happened in response.
Trump so far is not a good president. He is being bashed for ignoring the people and doing things without thinking of how it will affect the future.
In an article on Newsela, it stated that Trump was tweeting from the White House, which had protesters outside the gate, that he had to go to “important places” and drove right by the protesters. This protest was the women’s protest. Four days later, he signed off on defunding Planned Parenthood, ignoring the voices from the protests.
It is true, of course that many people say that since Planned Parenthood is being defunded, it will mean more money in taxpayer pockets. This is not the case, many people are misguided. The money will just fund a different program.
Trump has already ignored protesters. He approved the pipeline that is going to go though a Native American tribal ground. He fired the acting Attorney General for defying his order banning Muslims. He has done so many things that have pissed off the American people.
Many Americans want to impeach President Trump and they want to use the illicit dealings with the Russians as a reason. The FBI is working to find if this is true or not.
When Obama was president, he would have meetings or speeches about the protests that are happening. President Trump has not done the same, so far we seen that he rather fire someone and hire someone else to get what he wants. All I have to say is good luck America.