Should Abortion Be A Choice?

Wendy Nunez

Throughout time females have been struggling to be treated equals. Males always had the upper hand when it came to politics, jobs, and other major decisions. Even though there has been an improvement in the equal rights of women, it is once again going back to where it started. The new President of the United States Donald Trump has been planning to make abortion illegal. Women no longer have the choice of whether they want to carry a child or not. Trump should not take that right away from women because they deserve to at least have control of their body.

According to other people making abortion illegal can certainly decrease the death rate of females and young girls. Abortion has been around for many years, but it was never really safe, according to the female death rates due to it. Many females have died because of it simply because abortion damages the woman’s body, they also tend to lose a lot of blood during the process, and the utensils that they use to perform the abortion can cause deadly infections

Although abortion can be dangerous, it is only because abortion is illegal in many places which cause women to go somewhere where it is affordable or free, and not done by professionals causing them to be at a high risk of death. That is why there are places like Planned Parenthood, which helps females get an abortion with as much safety as possible. Trump wants to defund that which will increase the death rate of women because no matter what abortion is still going to exist legally or not.

Making abortion illegal can affect a female’s future as well. Some women are not able to take care of a child due to the economy. Women who are denied abortions have a higher chance of ending up in poverty because some of them are not capable of taking care of a child and working at the same time,. Some women do not have people to take care of their kid. The child and the mom will end up living in miserable conditions. That is why women should have the choice of whether it is right for them to keep or to not keep their child because they know when they’ll be ready to bring another human being into this world.

Having legal abortions can help women feel empowered because they know they have the control of their body. It could help women feel that they are no longer treated differently than men.