Chicago Marathon


William Hernandez

The very first Chicago Marathon was held in 1905 just nine years after the first organized marathon was held at the 1896 Summer Olympics. Running the Chicago Marathon contains a unique atmosphere with the spectators, great vibes among fellow runners, and great weather. The Chicago Marathon is among the best marathons held worldwide.
Of course there are over 1,100 marathons in the US and all over the world, each has own unique style and sightseeing appeal. Such as the Big Sur International Marathon held in California which provides a beautiful view of the coast. Other marathons are held inexotic places such as in the North Pole, Disney World, and even the Great Wall of China.
Out of the thousands held in the US and Worldwide only 6 can call themselves a part of the World Marathon Majors. Among this prestigious races, the Chicago Marathon tags along with New York City, Berlin, Boston, London, and Tokyo. The Chicago Marathon is the fourth largest race by finishers worldwide.
The Chicago Marathon passes through 29 neighborhoods giving runners a great tour of the city. Over 40,000 runners participate annually and they come from over 100 countries. If the Chicago neighborhoods, the great weather,and the diversity among runners wasn’t enough then the 1.5 million spectators can probably cheer you up.
The Chicago Marathon is without a doubt among the best worldwide.
Registration for the 2017 Chicago Marathon opened October 25, 2016. You should probably give it a try.