The Ban Of Conversion Therapy

The Ban Of Conversion Therapy

Alejandro Pina

The Ban Of Conversion Therapy

By: Alejandro Pina

Conversion therapy was founded in the 1920’s by Sigmund Freud. Conversion Therapy, otherwise known as Reparative Therapy, is the form of psychological treatment to change a person’s sexuality from being Lesbian, gay or bisexual to heterosexual (straight). Conversion therapy has had a huge effect in the LGBTQ community and has often been found controversial.

Although some psychoanalysts back in the 30’s turned some homosexuals back to being  heterosexual, the forms of conversion therapy are seen as unethical.

Sigmund Freud, a physician in the 1920’s, was seen as a hero for “curing” homosexuality. Freud transplanted testicles from “straight men” into the scrotum of the patient. He was seen as a hero that parents of homosexual children will go to Freud and ask him to perform these operations on them. Sigmund Freud was disreputed because of the plain fact that the body rejects other glands that are not yours.

Many other types of forms of therapy involves electric shock and drugging the patient and showing them same-sex intercourse images. This can cause memory loss, brain damage jaw aches and headaches.

We see that conversion therapy still has a foot on the ground after it has been banned in Vermont, California, New Jersey, Illinois and Oregon and still Vice President Mike Pence is a supporter of conversion therapy. Him and his republican party support the therapy.

This therapy should be banned. There is no written evidence that conversion therapy has solved homosexuality. It is considered a pseudoscience.

Many patients of conversion therapy are vulnerable as they are. They have most likely been forced to attend therapy by their parents and no therapy should be forced. This is causing a huge effect in the LGBTQ community, they participate in marches and have raised awareness towards this heinous form of therapy.