Should Children be Exposed to Violence?


Citlali Flores

Many parents allow their children to be around and become accustomed to violence. Whether it be through video games or in reality, many parents are okay with this. On the other hand, other parents think that children in no way shape or form should be exposed to violence and should be taught discipline with morals and principals. Overall, children should not be exposed to violence on any level.

Avoiding violence in itself is hard because it’s always on the news, in video games, tv shows, music and much more. Children in one way or another will be exposed to it, but parents should be responsible for teaching their children the difference between playing a violent video game and how you treat others.

Parents might place their children in activities like karate to teach their child self defense or allow their children to play violent video games for entertainment. This can be okay in the parents eyes, but could create future problems when he or she becomes older in personal life, creating psychological problems for the adolescent into adult life.  

To emphasize how violence can be potentially dangerous for a child, it can cause the child to distance himself from family and friends. The child might want to inflict violent actions onto someone around them.

Children should not be exposed to violence until there is an explanation about the difference between violence on tv and real life. To avoid behavior problems such as dangerous actions coming from children, parents should talk to their children.