Shimano SPD Pedals

William Hernandez

Looking to improve your daily commute? There is always space for improvement and in cycling that is well known. You can try anything from adjusting the height of the saddle to even purchasing a whole new bike. It’s expensive for the most part, but there is something you probably haven’t tried out yet. You must consider purchasing Shimano SPD Pedals.

The Shimano SPD Pedals make a daily commute much more efficient and relaxed. They allow the cyclist to clip on to the pedal. This motion gives you a full motion when you pedal rather than just pedaling down with platform pedals. This motion allows for the ride to be faster, more comfortable, and more efficient.

The pedals aren’t the only item you need to purchase however. Cycling shoes must be purchased and they can range from $60 to even $400. I recommend that the cheapest shoes to be purchased at first until you are more confident and experienced with the whole motion. The Shimano SPD Pedals can range from $30 to even $120. The pedals can be purchased online and at a few bike shops.

Although it may seem like a high price just for a pair of pedals, the price is worth it. Unlike other bike upgrades that you can make, the pedals can easily be removed and applied to a new bike you purchase. The pedals are an investment that will push you to the next level.

It also takes practice and technique to be able to use them. Due to the cyclist being clipped on to the pedals means that you need to learn to unclip when you have to. Unless you want to tip over like a block of wood. Also having to clip back on while avoiding to look down at your feet is essential because cycling in a city is already dangerous enough. Once you master this, you will be fine and start to notice the major difference.

I highly recommend making this improvement and I rate the pedals a 5.