Should Drugs be Legalized?


Zulimar Guajardo

Should Drugs be Legalized?

By: Zulimar Guajardo

Drugs are well known all over the world and many people know that any kind of drug can harm the body and mind, but also cause a lot of violence.

Legalizing drugs will prevent drug trafficking and will lead to less problems in the United States. In the united states there is a lot of problems because there are many people dying but not because they’re consuming drugs, but because they can not get their hands on them and when they do, it’s a problem for the individual.

It is true, of course that drugs can cause many people to have an addiction and other health issues. However, humans know better than to not consume any kind of drug unless it is use for good purpose. Medicine is a good purpose in order to use a type of drug that it not legalize.

.Many drugs come from other countries like Mexico. Of course we all know that  drug trafficking is something that happens because many people try to get their hands on them.

Of even greater importance there are drug lords because of drug trafficking and by legalizing drugs it will stop people from bringing drugs into the United States illegally. If drug trafficking is stopped, many people who profit from this will lose their profit.For example, cartels in Mexico will no longer have business and gangs here in the United States will also no longer have business because people will be able to legally purchase the drug.

Finally, it’s convenient to say that legalizing drugs will become more beneficial. It will stop a lot of violence and not only that but it will benefit the U.S as a country. Drugs are known to be bad and addictive but by legalizing them, we can make find ways that it will benefit the people. Drugs can be used as medicine to cure people and some people are prescribed a certain drug that is not legal because it will help them.

Drugs should become legal in the United States because it will prevent crime rates and it will be beneficial to the country.