Resident Evil 7 Brings Life to The Franchise.

David Marroquin

When the first trailer of Resident Evil 7 came out, many people had mixed emotions about it. Huge controversy arose over the switch from a third person perspective to a first person perspective, and it was also criticized because many believed that it had no connection to the previous games.However, Resident Evil 7 came out on January 24th and has been receiving a tremendous amount of positive reviews. With Resident Evil 4 through 6 bringing fans a more survival action experience, Resident Evil 7 goes back to its roots of survival horror and provides fans with an excellent and thrilling new experience.

The game consists of Ethan Winters and his search for his wife, Mia, who had reportedly died three years ago. Ethan receives a message from her, and he travels to an abandoned house in Louisiana where he begins to search for his missing wife. However, he encounters the strange Baker family, who have been infected, whom he must avoid in order to survive. Resident evil brings back old elements of their first games such as, heavy searching and puzzle solving. Most importantly, the player is left with little ammunition and scarce resources and must find ways to overcome enemies and difficult situations.

The game is not embedded with simple jump scares, but it creates an eerie and scary environment that leaves the player with paranoia. The first person view, the amazing, realistic graphics, and the sounds and music only contribute to making this a more terrifying and intensive experience

There are couple of issues that many have complained about over the game. For one, the puzzles are too simple to solve, the game can be finished within 10 hours, which is relatively short, and towards the end of the game, the quality of the game play is not as good.

Overall, despite its few problems, the game itself is excellent and I would give it a rating of a 4 out of 5. It satisfies the nostalgia of  veteran Resident evil players while by going back to survival horror, and it also opens up to a new audience of gamer