Lisset Lott

The show opens up with a  Billionaire engineer name Gideon Reeves trying to sell his high end drone to stop oil well fires that cost these business millions of dollars.Later that night he driving with his best friend and partner and stop at a convenience store to get a cigarette when a robbery breaks out.He calls 911 and get put on hold when the robber try to attack him his friend comes to the rescue and end up being shot and killed on the scene due to the slow working of the police department.

       He brought to the 13 District to be ask question about the robbery.This is when he notices that the chicago police department is old and rundown and is on its last leg.The next day he goes to the mayor and ask if the police district can be under his control and he pay all expenses out of pocket making the 13 district a private police force.

       Later that day he shows up with new guns and clothing that he created to help put the police force in the new and improved state. He also updated all the computer, printers, and Etc. He also got the cops new cars that are faster and stronger than the old out run ones.Many people at the 13 district are not on board with the new idea especially with  the APB app that allows people to explain their emergency with a tap of a button and police know where it happening.

       After there were  a issue with a rookie cop being shot he has to gain the trust and respect of the 13 district back with catching the killer of his best friend in less time than they usually do, by moving their crime solving into the 21 century.