Women’s March


Zulimar Guajardo

The Women’s March took place on January 21st, 2017. This march was for women to gather around together and fight for what they believe in. Women at the march were wearing pink, they had signs, and they were all walking together. Every sign was different and you can see that they had meaning and truth behind them.

I was able to go to the march and it was honestly such an amazing experience because many women from different backgrounds came together. Many of these women were there because they feel that there is no equality between them and men. It can also be that they were there to show that they are against about what Trump is doing or saying.

Many women were upset because of the many outrageous things Trump has said on social media. Trump has said that women can be touched without permission or consent. Many people felt very angry at this because no women should be touched or abused and the fact that president Trump says it’s okay.

Not only women were there but men were also in attendance and that brought joy to my heart because it lets me know that there are men out there that support women and respect them. Women should have the right to be in control of their body. They should be allowed to give consent because it’s their boy and only they know what they want and what they’re comfortable with.

The women’s march was such a fun experience. I never marched for something politically and I feel like the women’s march is something that really inspired many young girls and women.