Bad Reputation

Diana Guerro

              “I do not lie, cheat, or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds,” a prominent line from the cadet creed, which students at Phoenix Military Academy recite everyday. But how connected should the school and its creed be with the students’ personal life?  

A sophomore at Phoenix Military Academy was arrested on January 21, 2017 for an incident that occurred in Humboldt Park in December. News of this event rapidly spread around the school, and Phoenix students did not take long to react.

Junior Jhoselin Delgado found out when she came to her journalism class and everyone was talking about the situation.

“You can’t really blame the school, they’re doing their job. They can’t dictate what their parents are teaching them at home,” said Delgado.

Delgado said that the student was part of her company and he was always really quiet. Therefore the situation was shocking to her.

“Here at Phoenix kids are safe. We do everything in our power to ensure we have a safe environment for everyone and we rely on students to make sure we have a safe school,” said Mrs. Tobias, PMA’s librarian .

Tobias mentioned that the staff and her have worked really hard to take the school to where it is under Principal Wipachit’s leadership. It has taken over 10 years, but Phoenix is ranked as the top  military high school in Chicago and number eight in the state of Illinois with a graduation rate of 95%.

“The incident happened off campus and no way is a reflection of the safety at Phoenix. Students here are safe and as the investigation is currently on going, it’s easy to have an opinion before the court has made an official ruling on his guilt and innocence,” said Mr. Edwards, sophomore English teacher.

Although some don’t recall, the student was a part of the basketball and football team. However, he rarely attended school.

Parents were informed about the incident, and PMA sent a letter explaining this was not during school and in no way did this situation disrupt school activities. The letter explained that it’s understandable how it may have created questions about the safety at PMA and Mr. Wipachit said in the letter that he would be willing to answer any questions that parents may have. In addition, it stated that if any student needs help, they would be granted with the necessary support. For now, the student is awaiting trial.