Trump’s Hypocrisy


Humberto Cruz

“They are not our friends.” These are the words Trump used to describe the relationship between the United States and Mexico.

Trump is a hypocrite. He stated that when Mexico sent their people, “they didn’t send their best.” He called Mexicans “drug dealers, rapists, and criminals.” Trump has thrown dirt on Mexico and has insulted the country on numerous occasions.

But of course, according to Trump, he didn’t mean it. It was not his fault.

Trump is like a child. He is like the child who does something wrong but tries to blame it on someone else when he realizes that he will get in trouble.

“I am personally offended by the mainstream media’s attempt to distort my comments regarding Mexico and its great people,” said Trump in an interview with Fox news.

Trump does not think about the words he says before he says them and then tries to act like the victim when he realizes that he messed up. He does not appreciate what other people do for him or the country. He says that Mexico is to blame for some of the problems that are going on in this country.

Some may state that plenty of the drugs that come into the country are from Mexico. However, for every market there are consumers and the U.S is one of them. The U.S is one of the largest consumers of opioids and other substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana. If the U.S didn’t consume so many drugs, the market would simply go out of business.

Some may argue that Mexico does nothing for this country and that they don’t send good people, but they fail to realize that when the U.S was in need of help, Mexico made sure they sent their best. After the devastation Hurricane Katrina caused, many parts of the U.S were left in ruins. People were homeless, injured, and had no food, water, or clothes. Mexico responded to the situation by sending hundreds of Mexican troops to aid the American people.

Trump is a hypocrite and a snake who likes to put the blame of his problems on other people. His actions are childish and immature. He is a man who is unfit to run this country and therefore there should be action taken against him. His words and ideas can cause problems in the long run.