Punch Out


Cinthia Bustos

Everyone who has a job knows that once you enter, the first thing that you have to do is punch in. As well as when you leave, you must punch out so that you get paid for the hours you’ve worked.

About three weeks ago, it was brought to our school’s attention that we must swipe in once we get to school or else we will be counted as absent. Since attendance has been a big issue for some of  the senior class, and we have been given a limited amount of time to make up our absences, we should be able to punch out of school so that every minute we spend here is counted.

There may be people that will not agree with the idea of making students punch out because they feel as if students in desperate need to makeup attendance will lie and have other students who stay late punch out for them.

However, not trusting a student to do the right thing can also affect them in a negative manner. If a student is not trusted with this, a security guard can be standing by the door as students exit to make sure that everyone is doing the right thing.

Since some of our students currently have below the required 95% attendance, they’re required to fill out timesheets which require a teacher’s signature. Since these sheets are obviously pieces of paper, they are in great risk of getting lost. Being able to punch out will eliminate these sheets and keep our hours safe.

Having the ability to punch out will be an advantage for both students and staff because that way, it would be easier to access the exact amount of time a student spends in school. Therefore, making our attendance percentage more accurate.

Students, especially those who have to make up time they’ve lost, should be able to punch out of school so that every minute they spend here, after 2:31, is another minute taken away from all the of  hours needed to be made up.

Since most of us spend a lot of time here, we should make every minute count.