The Walking Dead:The Game

Lisset Lott

The walking dead game is a game that changes based on the decision to make to effect the story in different ways.

            In the game opening you start off as a man sitting in the back of a squad car. While the deputie is driving you out of the city, you will start seeing police trucks and cars heading back to the city. You then later crash into a walker and fall down a cliff where the deputy dies, and you have to escape the crash zone where you see someone ask for help but then leave.

Once you escape the walkers you jump a fence where you end up in a backyard where you start looking for help, and you have to earn the trust of the little girl named Clementine, who lives at this house. You introduce yourself as Lee. You learn that Clementine was with a babysitter because her parents are out of town. Later on the babysitter attacks you after turning. You then become the caretaker of Clementine.

When trying to leave in the dark to prevent yourself from getting attack you meet Shawn Greene who takes you back to his family farm where you meet his father  and another family. The next day while fixing the fence you make a huge decision that effect the story dramatically. You can save Duck,  the family you meet child from zombies, or you can save Shawn Greene who leg is stuck under the tractor and is about to get attack by zombies.

Now I chose a decision that changed my story dramatically, I would challenge you to choose an option and see where your story takes you. This game is free to download in the app store. I give this game a 3 out 5 stars because it’s fun when you can play as first person and make decision that you would do in life and see how it would affect the future.