The Bye Bye Man

Abraham Sanchez

Director Stacy title tried to inflame fear into anybody who saw The Bye Bye Man. Stacy failed miserably by having no sense of what fear should be.

The beginning of the movie started with a cliche, where a couple of friends get a new house and think it’s safe. After the three college kids have a party, Elliot finds a desk that says “bye bye man”. After Elliot knows the name, he later on says the name to the rest of his friends and that’s when everything starts. The first few scenes are quite boring. The finding of “bye bye man” was quite easy and had no sense of mystery.

Suddenly, Elliot and his girlfriend, Sasha, and his best friend, John, start to have weird hallucinations. This is keeps the audience engaged in the movie. As all these crazy moments happen to the characters, it builds a decent story line that leads to the plot and ending.

The highlight of the movie was when all three characters started to hallucinate and started to attack each other. The director really captivated the audience when Elliot thought he was fighting John, his friend, but really ended up killing his girlfriend Sasha. It created a sense of pathos for all three characters.

Unfortunately, all that hype was torn away with the ending. John being the only survivor, ended up telling the detective the bye bye man. I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 stars.