Sing The Movie

Lesley Delgado

Sing is an animated comedy movie. The comedy is about a Koala (Buster) who owns a theater and decides a talent contest to help his financially flagging theater.

The movie was about Buster owns a theater and have been interested in a show business since he was a child. He has been facing financial troubles, so he decided to host a singing competition with a prize of $1,000 but his assistant mistakenly added two more zeros making the prize $100,000. Animals from all over the city gather for the auditions. The ones they were selected were a housewife and an mother of 25 baby pigs, a mouse, a gorilla, and a elephant.  Later on Buster found out that the prize was $100,000 so he decided to go on with the plan. On the day of practice the theater flooded and came crashing down. Buster gave up on his dream of holding a competition so went back on opening a car wash, using the same bucket that his dad used to earn money for Buster’s theater. However, everyone that was on the competition decided to help Buster on getting his theater. Buster decided to continue with the competition and by the end of the night the singing competition became a broadcast on the news and everyone from the whole city joined them at the theater.

This a great movie because it covers all the hit songs and it capitalizes talking animals adventures and talent competitions. I really enjoyed it and anybody will enjoyed too not just young ones.  I rate this movie a 4 out of 5.