Meet Ivan Ramos

At a small school, many people don’t really get to know about their classmate’s personal life. Many students do not n’t get  recognition for their achievements  because they like to leave right after school.  After attending high school for three years junior Ivan Ramos has been a very quiet student.

It seems that he likes to keep to himself. He would rather go home and play video games than to stay for an extracurricular activity. He stresses out way too much about about school so he plays video games to release all of his stress. When he is playing he feels like he is focused and doesn’t have to worry about anything else.  “I like to read Marvel comics and play video games,” said Ramos.

Many students would judge him for being like that but Ramos doesn’t care what other people think. He has a great personality and is easy to get along.

He has never had a problem with teachers because he’s not a troublemaker. He has a good work ethic and is always studying for tests. He is always excelling in his tests.”I always go beyond in my physics test,’said Ramos.

Ramos decides to be quiet and shy because he wants to stay dedicated to succeeding in life.

“ I see myself graduating college or attending a university.’ said Ramos.

He sets high goals for himself so he could be motivated to accomplish anything he wants.