The One and Only, Anthony Labrado!

The One and Only, Anthony Labrado!

Abraham Sanchez

Coming from Phoenix Military Academy to attending United States Military Academy, Anthony Labrado is proudly serving his country and going to his dream school. After being at West point (USMA) for a couple months now, Labrado has found a couple of things he likes and dislikes about the school.

“The people that one meets and is about to become friends with is probably the best part of West Point. One thing I dislike is having a busy schedule and getting random briefings. Also, you have to work around their schedule and not yours,” said Labrado.

Attending West point is not an easy thing; It requires a lot of hard work, determination, and discipline. Since West point is a leadership school, it means that the cadets need to earn a position within their school. This is one of Labrado’s goals while he’s at the school.

“Another goal of mine is to graduate but also earn some formal leadership position at the school,” said Labrado.

Cadets at West point are required to join a sport, club, or some sort of extracurricular activity. The school offers many throughout the school year. This keeps Cadets very occupied. By doing this, cadets learn to manage their time and be responsible.

“I’m currently in a radio station called WKDT, where I do all of my sport broadcasts. Also, I’m in a poetry group,” said Labrado.

West Point has really shaped Labrado to become a better leader and person. The skills he learned will definitely help him in his future.