Tattoos for teens

Tattoos for teens

Anthony Dawson

In today’s society every teenager is trying to get a tattoo to stand out from others. Tattoos are pretty cool and all, but planning beforehand about what tattoos you should get and where you should put it is very crucial. Even though it is possible to get a tattoo removed, it does cost a lot of money and I don’t think any parent wants to spend another $500 getting it removed because of your bad decision making. Like me, I spent almost a year on deciding where and what tattoo I should get.

Tattoos can average up to almost thousands of dollars depending on the size of the tattoo and if it’s a custom tattoo or not. A custom tattoo can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 also depending on the size of your tattoo. Custom tattoos are original creations of artwork, that are applied to the body. While tattoo flash is something you’ll find on the walls in a tattoo shop, and are quite popular. Custom tattoos allow the tattoo artist to flex her/his creative muscle and design something that is unique to you.

Me, personally I suggest if you’re getting a tattoo you should search up images that will give you ideas on how you want your tattoo. Say for instance, if you get a quote tattooed on your body, you should find a quote that you live up to or that mean a lot to you, even something that represents you as a person. Quotes and even names are popular for a teengaers first tattoo. If you are getting that type of tattoo make sure you know what name or quote you want, what font you want it in, and where on your body you want it.

As you can see getting a tattoo takes lot of planning before hand and also makes you think about if you should get the tattoo or not. Getting a tattoo is very painful, so if you really want a tattoo be sure that you can take the pain. The most painful spots to get a tattoo will be your elbow, hand, feet, back of knee, inner arm, chest (depending on if you’re getting shading or not), sternum, and ribs. These might not apply to you because everyone has a different pain tolerance, but it’s just an alert so you could be aware.

I suggest if you’re getting a tattoo make sure you do the precautions of getting a tattoo before you actually get one. Plan beforehand, make sure you know where you want a tattoo, and make sure if you picked a quote that actually means something to you and represents you because remember you will get a lot of questions and concerns about your new tattoos.