Joshlynn Murphy

Being a senior can be stressful. There’s a lot to be done during your senior year in high school. It’s a lot of responsibilities that has to be done by a certain time.  A lot of seniors have jobs and other personal problems in their life. They feel as if it is not that important and that they’ll do school related things whenever they get the chance.

Seniors, at Phoenix Military Academy, are required to do at least 3 scholarships by the end of 2016. Some of them felt as if it wasn’t necessary, they aren’t going to college anyway. While others are working hard and actually putting work in for free money to go to school for free.

Most of the time, people look for scholarships everyday or every other day, but it tends to take 2 weeks or more to find the right scholarships for you and filling out information for it.

“I try to look at least once every 2 weeks. I do it because I need to find a way to pay for college because is don’t want  to be in that much debt over the years and I only look for scholarships every other week because I am very busy and it is hard to make time,” said senior Veronica Perez.

They are over a million scholarships in this world that asks for some of the littlest things. Some basic scholarships are some for right handers or left handers. Some that are for tall people or short people. Anything you can think of, they have it. The hardest part of finding scholarships is filling the same information out constantly.

A lot of people feel as if finding scholarships can be stressful and can interfere with their personal life.

“Its stressful because some websites make you go through a process of other websites just to fill out an scholarship and then some websites don’t inform you or update you on whether or not you received it,” said senior Donecia Blount.

Some say that even though it may be stressful and interferes with their personal life, they still take the time out to provide a good future for themselves.

“It interferes a lot but I still do it because I know that in the future I will need it and I would rather be stressed out right now that i have people to help me and support me compared to in the future where I know I might not have as much help,” said Perez.

A financial aid package is the total amount of financial aid offered to a student by all sources. This can sometimes include loans as well. Some students feels as if loans are pointless and can put you in a lot of debt. On the other hand, small loans can be taken out because it can be paid for right off the back.

“Yes I would be willing to take out loans but I would also like to maybe get another job to try to not have so much debt,” said Perez.

Moral of the story is to be careful with loans and scholarships. Make sure you take your time filling out information and also make sure your grades are squared away. You can receive a lot of money for good academics. There will be scholarships websites listed below.

Fastweb Scholarships