Meet Lesly Alvarez

Phoenix is full with some of the friendliest, smartest, talented students but not everyone has a chance to meet every single cadet in the school. For example, senior Lesly Alvarez is one of the top 10 students since freshman year. Although she’s top 10, her life hasn’t always been all about school.  As a 17 year old she still likes to enjoy life.

“Most of the time I am busy trying to prepare for my tests and doing my homework” said Alvarez.

During the weekdays, she does everything she can to keep her grades squared away. It’s not always like this though.

“When ever I have free time I like to go outside and play soccer to get my mind off of school”  said Alvarez. She likes to spend time with friends and family when ever she can.

Like everyone, she’s unique in her own way. In her situation, she is very picky when it comes to eating specific food especially when it is meat. She’s not vegetarian, she just wants meat to be cooked a certain way. Although it doesn’t seem like it, she eats a lot of junk food.

She has her goals set straight since she knows what she wants to do in her life. She says: “I plan to have a bachelors in criminal justice or criminal psychology and minoring in social work from a four year University such as Loyola” said Alvarez.

After getting her bachelor’s she’s planning on working right after she finishes. If there was anything that would keep her from achieving her goals would be her anxiety and anger issues. She feels like when she gets mad she can’t do anything and that when her anxiety kicks in she gets very emotional. Shes trying to learn new ways to control these emotions so that it won’t be a problem in the future.

“The main person that has helped me overcome most of my obstacles is Christian Gutierrez, my boyfriend” said Alvarez. Her main supporter, Gutierrez, has helped her with her problems in order for her to achieve her goals.