How Bad Can Alternative School Be?

Wendy Nunez

Senior year of high School is a big year for every highschooler. Although graduation is an event all students anticipate for, unfortunately not everyone will be walking across the stage. To help students, they are often given different choices that will help them pass and graduate with the rest of their classmates.
Andrea Palacios who was once a student at Phoenix Military Academy did not meet the requirements to graduate, so she was given the opportunity to gain all her credits by transferring to an alternative school called Jane Addams during the end of her sophomore year at Phoenix.
Students tend to view alternative schools as something that could potentially affect their future. They start to believe that an alternative school would not allow them to get into the college of their choice.
“A lot of the kids at Jane Addams got accepted to their top college/university. There were students that even got accepted to out of state colleges,” said Palacios.
There are times when students sometimes prefer to just do what they can to get their grades up and struggle till the end in order to not go to an alternative school.
“Students should think about their future. If they go to an alternative high school they are still getting their high school diploma. By going to an alternative high school they just get the credit for the classes that they need,” said Palacios.