Hispanic Food on Archer St

Hispanic Food on Archer St

Hispanic Food on Archer St

By:Veronica Perez

This weekend I went to a Mexican restaurant called “El Tarasco.” Located  4358 W 51st St, in Chicago. Main streets are 51 St and Kostner.

I chose to eat here because every time I would drive by I would see a lot of people here and I thought they had good food due to the amount of people.

The main reason why people go to the restaurant would be the the open bar and the art work.

At the restaurant,the place is really presentable colorful and the service was great.

The tacos were good and had a menu option for children. I enjoyed a taco with carne asada and   the tacos were all proportioned well while not being too big and not too small like other places. The milkshakes were also really good and I enjoyed a strawberry milkshake and it was made just right.

The environment within the restaurant was very calm and nice. Most of the customers that eat here are families who come to spend time enjoying one another’s company and eating. Oh and the best part was that they had plugs all over the restaurant, just in case your phone died.  

The price of the food was affordable. For a party of 4 people, roughly costs about $30 – $50 which is low priced compared to other restaurants.

Overall, I rate the restaurant a 5 out of 5 stars because it was very presentable from inside of the restaurant along with very great food and the customer service provided there makes customers want to come back a second time.