Conservation Club!


Mariana Martinez

Last year in 2016, about twenty  students from the Conservation Club and Honors Biology had the opportunity to travel to Indiana Dunes for a workshop. The students stayed there for three days in the National Park learning about climate change and the environment in order to teach 4th graders on their last day of the trip. Seniors Haidy Delgado and Brahim Aich were one of the lucky ones to have the chance to go on the trip. Delgado will be attending this year’s trip again because she says that she had a great experience.

Delgado has been in Conservation Club (C3) since her sophomore year. Recently, she found out that she will be going to Indiana Dunes again for the second time.

“It’ll be fun because I’ll be able to experience it all over again, but this time I will have a better idea of what to expect,” said Delgado.

Her first time, she was not aware of the activities that she would be participating in. Once she went, it was the time of her life.

Aich has also been a part of the Conservation Cub with Delgado since his sophomore year. This year, he is hoping more new lower class men join the club.

“You get free service learning hours. The real way to cut down on climate change and global warming is upon the actions of the individual. As part of C3 you get to directly contribute to the cutback of climate change and improve our overall condition of this planet,” said Aich.

According to the leaders of the Conservation Club, it is not too late to join and have the opportunity to travel to Indiana Dunes. Anyone is welcomed but join soon!