Superior Spider-man comic review

The superior Spider-man is an amazing comic series that shows a darker Spider-man that kills and brutally beats villains and cares little for what his fellow heroes think, it also shows both the flaws and the strengths of the previous Peter Parker Spider-man.

The story Starts after Dr. Otto Octavius, better known as doctor Octopus, mind swaps with Spidey. Spidey now in Dr. Octopus’s dying body tries to switch back but fails and passes away, but in his last seconds he shows Dr. Octopus that with great power comes great responsibility. After this Dr. Octopus vows that he will be a greater hero then peter ever was and that he will be superior.

With no one knowing who he really is Otto begins to bring Peter’s life back on track. First, he goes back to college to get a Phd, then he upgrades Spider-man’s gadgets making him a more formidable foe. The new Superior Spider-man goes through a multitude of adventures, which include fighting with various heroes and creating his own sinister six, before Peter Parker’s inevitable return. While this series has many tie-ins, they don’t impede too much on the core story line.

If you are like me and enjoy Spider-man but also wish that he could be darker, than this is the comic for you. Overall I give it a 4.75 out of 5 stars since it creates an ever evolving hero out of one of Spidey’s most notorious villain.