Seniors Expect To Be In Debt


Azahre Johnson

Phoenix Military Academy has been focusing on bettering the school and trying to improve the college attendance rate. Unfortunately, not all of the seniors have full-ride scholarships, so they will need to pay out of their pockets.

Most of the seniors have found it easier to get a job and help their parents pay for rent and other expenses. Many prefer to do this rather than going to college and paying so much money.

Several seniors may accumulate up to $100,000 or more in college debt as they go on to pursue their career.              

How have the seniors been preparing to pay for their future debt? Ever since Phoenix installed the iMentor program, students have been involved with filling out scholarships a lot more.  Some students find it relaxing and fun while others find it boring and useless.

“I think scholarships are a great way to get money to go to college, but in all honesty, sometimes it may not be worth the time to fill out so much and win nothing,” said senior Aldo Gil.

Cadets at Phoenix Military Academy like senior Gil feel there should be better training and informational sessions involving the scholarship process in order to give the students a better understanding of how the process works.

“In reality, it is actually up to you guys to put in the work and get scholarships. It is not our duty to make you fill out and submit scholarships,” said Sgt. Walker.