Obama’s Farewell


Jose Zavala

On Jan 10, 2017, Obama gave his farewell speech in Chicago. One of Phoenix’s kids, senior Brahim Aich, went to Obama’s farewell to help out because he was in student voice committee. This not only was a cool experience, but it was a one time event.

“I escorted people with priority or that had tickets with better seats,” said Aich.

Aich met Obama, Tom Hanks, and met Bill Nye the Science guy! He took a selfie with him but didn’t get an autograph, which was pretty disappointing.  

Some people say that Aich was lucky enough to be offered to go because of the program that he is in. Throughout Obama’s speech, you can feel the audience as if they were in your living room. We asked Aich if he would do it all over again, but as we all know Brahim, he answered sarcastically.

“Why yes, I would want to do it again, oh wait, we can’t because this is only a one time thing,” said Aich.  

We had to rephrase it for him that we meant something else, as in would you go to another event like this, maybe not to Trump’s, but to someone else’s presidential farewell speech.

“Maybe, I might go to Trump’s just to see how it is,” said Aich.