Under the Green Porch

Under the Green Porch

David Marroquin

It is not often that young artists have their art featured in a professional setting. However, Senior Bryan Sanchez is one of the few students from the Chicagoland area that will have his art featured at the After School Matters art exhibition at University of Chicago’s Arts Incubator gallery.

His photograph, “Under the Green Porch”, was selected by the Teen Arts Council and was one of the 175 pieces of art  that were submitted by other teens. The photograph features his girlfriend standing under a porch with vibrant green colors, and it was a piece that was highly praised by his art instructors.

“Bryan has a sophisticated and mature eye. The work he makes is well thought out and is executed with diligence and sensitivity. He is without question an emerging young talent in the field of photography, and I am awfully proud of him,” said After School Matters instructor Dr. Mack.

Sanchez has had a great amount of experience when it comes to photography and art. He is the only student that passed the AP Studio Art Drawing with a score of a 4. When he found out about  this exhibition, he quickly came home to sign up for it.

“I was doing art while my boss, Dr. Mack, told me about this. Honestly, I forgot about this, but I was so happy once I remembered. I felt great,” said  Sanchez.

When Sanchez was chosen, he was notified by his instructors and he couldn’t believe the news. For him, this was an opportunity he believed that he deserved.

“This means that I will, hopefully, have better opportunities for me. I have progressed and worked hard; now, my work is paying off. However I need to progress more,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez’s work will be displayed along side other art from teens of the Chicagoland area in a professional gallery setting on Friday, March 24 and Friday, April 28 of 2017.