Haidy Delgado

The Phoenix Gay Straight Alliance club, or GSA for short, was started a few years back to support those who identify as LGBT. It was formed to work towards ending the segregation, hate, and misconceptions that cadets at Phoenix might have.

GSA is student lead group that has helped students in many ways like talking about relationships, growing-up, home values, family values, morals, sex, bullying, and current or controversial topics. GSA is for those who feel like they need to find a place or a second home.

Junior Alexandria Rivera is one of the main coordinators of GSA, along side with junior Marilyn Ramirez and senior Jace Hunter. They meet with Mrs. B on Fridays or Mondays depending on their schedules.

“We are there for each other everyday. We meet after school and we have fun through expression, talks, and emotions.We’re a club that helps individuals grow in all ways and shapes. Everyone has their own way of gaining and growing from GSA,” said Rivera.

GSA has created their own community where members feel like they belong and won’t be judged.

“GSA is important for those who feel like they need to find a place that is there for them and can be a second home to them or place to be away from home. Everyone is welcomed, no matter who you are, we don’t judge, we don’t hate, and we welcome you like you are part of the family, ” said Ramirez.

GSA is open to everyone, even if they do not consider themselves to be LGBT. During this school year they have also planned  fundraisers and have continued tackling problems that are often found in the LGBT community within the school.