Wrestling 2016-2017

Jose Zavala

Phoenix wrestling has started late October. Some of the team members have been wrestling for three or more years. Seniors Isaac Novoa, Sofia Valencia, and junior Miguel Apreza have been in the wrestling team a little over three years. Both Isaac and Sofia had been injured in previous seasons because of wrestling, which caused them to stay by the sidelines for the rest of the season.

Both Isaac and Miguel are captains of the team, they enjoy teaching and leading other people on the team.  

“It’s pretty fun to get to lead a group of individuals with the same intentions as me which is wanting to win,” said Miguel.  

“It’s nice because you got to teach/help your teammates with the ‘moves’, and by doing that you learn more,” said Isaac.

So far in the season, The Phoenix team is 12-1, this is one of the most successful years that wrestling had. This year, the wrestling team has been a good for everyone so far. No one was injured like the past years. The three students have had it kinda easy managing their time with sports and school. Sofia doesn’t have AP classes and Miguel doesn’t either.  Isaac has a couple and is doing good on his own.

“I have a set time schedule in how I do everything, such as, how I eat when I get home from practice and how long it takes and how long I predict the workout will be so that I can do my homework, and maybe if there is extra time I could play video games or watch some extra T.V.” said Miguel.  

Many believe that matches are hard, but all it takes is technique and leg strength. You only need to last 6 minutes per match.

“The matches are really strenuous because they last for six minutes and because they are 1 on 1 matches. You are using each and every muscle in your body to try and pin the other person or just win by points,” said Miguel.   

For sofia it is different because she is smaller than Miguel and goes against different opponents.  

“Matches are intense, both for the team and the wrestler. Cause them winning or losing is like us winning and losing. I guess i share their emotions, cause I don’t like seeing them feel bad for losing or getting injured,” said Sofia

The season is still going on and we all hope that they continue to win and make it to the tournaments and make it to state. Phoenix military academy is very proud of their teams so far.