Split Review


Jesus Vazquez

This movie is about how three girls are kidnapped by a man who has multiple personalities. The man has 23 different personalities. The three girls have to try to escape before something crazy happens. This movie is a horror and a thrilling movie. It makes you think what it is going to happen next. The movie has unexpected scenes and twists in the movie.

The main character of the movie is called Kevin Wendell Crumb and he has multiple personalities. Some of them are a nine year old kid named Hedwig, a old lady named Patricia, and the crazy man who stole the three girls, Dennis and the 24ths personality, The Beast.

Kevin Wendell Crumb is the original owner of his body(he is not one of the 24 personality). Out of all the 23 personalities the 24th one is the craziest  and out of control one out of all of them. This movie is a must see movie if you are into thrillers. The man is crazy and weird at the same time. At some points of the movie it made me feel awkward because of the way he treated the girls, at another point he is another personality and he does weird things. By some of his actions he made me laugh. At an instant he can switch personalities. From the nine year old to the old lady. This movie is just a awesome movie overall. After watching it made me think if I had multiple personalities.


5/5 Stars.