Death of Princess Leia


Elizabeth Sotelo

Death of Princess Leia

One of the main characters from Star Wars passed away, Carrie Fisher, also known as the great Princess Leia. Carrie Fisher passed away from a heart attack on December 27, 2016.

It all started on December 23, 2016 on her flight from London to Los Angeles, although her condition was announced stable. What is most interesting is that her mother also passed a week after Carrie’s death. Many Star Wars fans were heart broken about Carrie Fisher’s death, and they wonder how her death will be handled since episode VIII was still being produced, not only that but episode IX is scheduled to release in 2019.

“I think that her death was tragic, it was a natural cause you can say. I mean it was a heart attack, I just think that Star Wars won’t be the same,” said senior Yvonne Flores.

It is said that the parts of Princess Leia in episode VIII will be taken off since no one can take her place.

“This is a good idea, no one can replace Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher put so much work and time into her job and to me it’s a sign of respect for her work,” said Flores.

Most definitely Star Wars will have so many changes, but it’s better to keep in memory and respect Carrie Fisher also known as Princess Leia.