Time to Donate!

Eduardo Brito


Becoming a hero is not as hard as one might think. Although the word “hero” is often represented as  someone with supernatural powers, you could be an ordinary hero without even realizing it.

One blood donation could save up to three different lives. Blood today is constantly needed and with blood not being able to be produced, the only way to obtain it is through blood donations.

Phoenix has participated in building awareness through blood donations by working with LifeSource and gathering students to make a difference in others lives.

“Too me its not a big deal. It feels great knowing that in some sort of way I am making a difference in someone else’s life,” said senior Aldo Gil.

Phoenix has been doing blood drives for years which are used to fundraise money for the school. The blood drive brings in about $2000 from each drive for the school.

“ It hurts a little but I will rather deal with the small pinch and know I am helping someone else get rid of their pain,” said Gil.

Blood donations are low because many people  fear they  may obtain some sort of disease or STD since needles are involved, however; this procedure is very safe and simple.