Student Parking


Veronica Perez

Recently the students of PMA have been told that we as students can not park in a certain part of the streets. PMA does not have a student parking lot like other schools do. PMA students have to find a place to park at on the streets. The neighborhood where the schools is located is not that safe and the students have to park on the street when they bring there cars to school.

Some of the students have to be at school at 6:30 in the morning and  during  the winter time it is very dark out, so the students have to walk a good distance in the dark.

Senior Joseuse Campozano states “I do not feel safe in the morning where I park because it is so dark in the mornings,” said Campozano

Therefore, some students prefer to park their cars as close as they can to the building specifically on Adams and Campbell. However, we just got the news that we as students will not be allowed to park in front of door 5A because that is now the Network’s parking and if we were to park there the the students cars would be towed.

Now the effects of this action have caused there to be concerns.

Senior Christian Gutierrez is concerned that “It will make parking more difficult to find.”

So what could be a solution to this?

Senior Lisset Lott suggest that  “we should have a student parking lot so we are not taking the area citizen parking spaces.I think we should use the area by door 13 that no one uses.”

Campozano suggest “the students should be able to park their cars  in front of Western Ave, where the abandoned lot is”

However, some students might disagree with them some of this remarks

Senior Joshua Martinez said: “there is no need to have a student parking lot because there is plenty of space around the school, but it would be nice not to look for a spot and have one in a secure place.”

Gutierrez also states “I don’t think we should have a student parking lot because we don’t pay for parking. I’m okay with parking on the street as long as no one tells me where to park unless theirs street”

Overall, there are many ways to look at this situation. Some students are okay with the change and some are a little concerned. In the future there might not be any problems of students having trouble finding a place to park.