Meet Ethan Nevarez

Meet Ethan Nevarez

Phoenix Military Academy is a particularly small school. Being a small school it would be assumed that students would know each other on a more personal level, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In the freshmen class there are hundreds of personalities. Some of these personalities range from the very quiet boy in the lunchroom to the athletic basketball player that loves to have the audience at his/her attention. Often the person in the middle can be overlooked.

Ethan Nevarez, a freshman at Phoenix is one of those students that are in the middle. Although he seems to be on track and has the right mindset he can be easily overlooked. Nevarez claims that his transition into Phoenix was fairly simple.

“It wasn’t hard at all for me to fit in…I just planned on making friends and getting along with people,” Nevarez said.

Of course every person has something that distinguishes them from the groups of people they associate with. Nevarez at first claimed that he could not recall a talent that nobody was aware of, but then the truth was told through a music note.

“An instrument that I used to play was the piano, ” said Nevarez.

The reason why Nevarez suddenly forgot about his unspoken talent was because of how long it has been since he last visited it. It was in fifth grade when young Nevarez began playing the piano at the Midtown program. This program was s aimed  towards marginalized boys and girls in the inner city.

Ethan mentioned “I was in 5th grade when I started…I played the piano at a program called Midtown…a program for boys and girls that provide a guide in life”.

Many would assume  that a parent would be the one  pushing their child to spend time doing something productive, but Nevarez took the responsibility upon himself. He was never inspired to play the piano he was just inspired to attempt to do big things in life.