Meet Aiden Terry

Meet Aiden Terry

Most of the time, freshmen are usually the outcasts of high school because they just started their high school experience. Therefore, they don’t have much to say about the “high school life.”Aiden Terry is one of those freshmen.

One of the few traditions at Phoenix Military Academy is to start talking to them about life after high school and college. At Phoenix college is super important because the staff and upperclassmen want the freshmen to start off on the right foot and prevent them from struggling to get their GPA’s to where they want it to be as a senior.

“I have talked to a couple of seniors when they came during my JROTC period, we were talking about college and what they need for certain types of schools,” said Terry.

Besides the focus on academics, Phoenix has many fundraisers and events for the students. Phoenix has the events to help the students relieve their stress.

“I heard there are a lot of fun events here and I’m looking forward to Military Ball, Out of Uniform days and also my senior year for Prom,” said Terry.  
Although many freshmen usually say that their first year is the hardest, there are many things to look forward to for the next three years of high school here at Phoenix.